daily painting titled Fountain #3

Fountain #3

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 5 August, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


Wow! Beautiful!
Really nice piece, Julian. It's good to see your paintings again.
Love this one too. Hard to make a pick. How about a new one of Louis. He must be getting really big by now.
Wish this were my garden. Elinor
Stunning capture of the backlit fountain! Great color, and love the brushwork. Where is it?
Missed you, Julian!!
I really like this piece and find it very calming; I would think the subject would be quite difficult to paint and find the composition quite interesting with the fountain centered in the painting. I'm sure this sounds odd but with the hot weather we've had in Southern Ontario (high 80's up to the low 90's) I find the painting not only has a calming effect, as I just said, but also feel "cooling" when looking at it! I just imagine standing in the shade listening to, and feeling, the cool water. Well done, Julian!
very Sorolla...great light and freedom of paint...
Love the light and color in this version, so masterful. You manage to break the rules of composition by backlighting and having horizontal and vertical areas highlighted away from the center. Can't tell you how much I miss painting with you. Next time your assistant is away you might want to invite some male art student in college to come apprentice as your assistant for a while to take off some pressure. Bet a lot of volunteers would come. Best wishes and thanks for continuing to share your beautiful work. I follow painters all over the world. You are one of the very best. If I could I would move to Provence and start a small colony of like minded painters. Best to all.
Just so lovely. Wonderful to see center stage in neutrals and the background in bold colors. Very successful!