daily painting titled Two red pears

Two red pears

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 18 April, 2020
Posted in Still life paintings



Stay well.

I live in"pear country" in Calif. And paint pears, wish mine looked as beautiful as yours!!!


Just want to bite into them. The shadows & color is perfect.
They "sit" and have weight.

Dear Julian,

If I was able to I would bid to the moon for this piece. All of your paintings are eloquent but your fruit work is transformational. Your red pears are just so good. I am a painter and I just marvel at your succinct brushwork, your color choices, and your compositions. Truly excellent. Bravo!

to me your work is so inspiring, it makes me explore new ways. even at a distance you are a great teacher.

Really luscious! I’m looking forward to seeing the roses... walking the dog these days on the west coast... I can’t get enough of the spring blooms, twittering birds. I just want to paint everything I seen your work motivates me to get to my easel. I missed your demo so hoping you’ll do another soon.

Your pears remind me of Cezanne's apples, so real, so much heft to them.
Thank you for your beautiful posts. They mean so much.

I love the pears, too, and agree with the comments about Cezanne, colors, shadows, etc. Hope they are going to a good home!