daily painting titled Still life with jug, bread and Camembert

Still life with jug, bread and Camembert

38cm x 46cm (approx 15"x18"), Oil on linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 12 April, 2012
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It is hard to believe you can outdo yourself, but you have succeeded! All I can say is WOW!!
As graphic designer to artist, let me say I think your work is fabulous. I anticipate it each day and appreciate the personal message.
It is difficult to put words in a comment on a painting which connects on so many levels, but mostly a memory of crunchy bread, soft cheese and an afternoon alone in Giverney. I suspect I am not the only one.
Powerful simplicity! Beautiful!
I can feel the brie on my tongue and the crunch of the bread. What's in the jug?
Love what Marie said! Ha! Planning on doing larger work....one of these days... Glad you found the time and you created another beauty!
Beautiful! Love your style and your treatment of stilllife. A pleasure to look at.
Julian: Wow is right. Great depth and shadow without losing the image. Just the right balance. Also three of my favorite subjects.
Hi Julian ... Like many others, I enjoy the anticipation of each day's Morrow-Smith artistic offering. At the risk of overdoing superlatives, this one is superlative. Congratulations ... again. Bob
Hello Julian. Your paintings are exemplary. I am a printmaker and have been receiving them for YEARS! I wish I could afford one as they are and have been great. Seeing them everyday inspires me to KEEP WORKING.
Lovely work Julien, the cheese almost looks as if it is reaching out of the picture!
Just beautiful,your works are an inspiration.I so appreciate your daily sharing.
So beautifully rendered, the old glaze on the pot is so deep and shiny I could pick it up! Well done.