daily painting titled Peony and bowl

Peony and bowl

16cm x 13cm (6;"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 29 April, 2010
Posted in Flower paintings


One of your most enigmatic and modern painting, Julian. So poetic. The mysterious reflection in the bowl reminds me of Rembrandt, I do not know exactly why, but perhaps because of the reminiscence of a helmeted figure (a soldier?) of the Renaissance, looking through a window and musing... A masterpiece thanks to its deceptive and disarming simplicity.
You have really captured the peonie!!!!
Julian: I just love the simplicity of the bowl. A highlight on the edge of the rim, the reflection of images on the bowl itself which is barely visable against the dark background. So masterfully handled in contrast to the warmth and detail of the peony.
You have really captured the peony! AND the bowl! And the reflections that are so mysterious! Thank you for this today.
This is pretty terrific.
Wow, Alain, you're so right! I see the helmeted figure. That part of the painting does remind one of Rembrandt.
Hi The artistic creation is so mysterious and polymorphous.And so enjoyable for me.