daily painting titled San Barnaba

San Barnaba

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 3 November, 2014
Posted in Paintings of Venice


Hmmm -Fairly abstract and loose as a goose!
Little reflections about the real. I wonder if the artist here sees the real in fact as a reflection too. The walls seems to become slightly distorted as reflections under the action of a slight swell...Oddly it reminds me of the implicit topic of the movie "Blow up".
Dear Julian,you are in Sargent's footsteps again.He painted a lovely sparkling watercolour,"Venetian canal" here,with the campanile looming up in the background. Are you trying to quickly catch the shifting light here,fast and furious and expressionistic? The clear light is very beautiful. Anna H.
Love the loose and rhythmic brushstrokes in this one; when buildings seem to move from the sparkling water reflections..
These Venetian paintings are lovely; very fresh and of the moment ... gorgeous they are :)
Reminds me of a Leon Kossoff.