daily painting titled Still life with lemons and clementines

Still life with lemons and clementines

33cm x 19cm, oil on stretched linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 19 February, 2013
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Wow Julian, what a graceful painting this is.
Just beautiful on this cold winter day. This whole series with the blue backgrounds is enchanting and gorgeously executed! Thank you for sharing your talent so generously.
Dear Julian, a happy belated birthday to you.Yet another gem,vintage blue,Gauloises blue,lovely chipping paint.The lemons are masterful,the modeling superb.As for yesterdays self portrait,great of course,somehow (it's Alain) I could hear the roar of a Spitfire,ready for take off! Anna.
I am inspired! The linen as a midtone -peeking through the luscious blue.....
Great Julian. You can always get it.
Oooh! This is so very nice!!! Love it!!
Is it hard to get one of these originals? May I ask the price? And are they usually spoken for early on -- once the email arrives? Sue
And it goes so well with the other lemons and blue...I can see your personal style in every painting. Very collectable.
You are so (expletive deleted) gifted. I wish I could afford you...
Lovely and masterful.. How do you get that shine on the fruit?
Very beautiful, Julian, and I see that the painting has already sold! This work reminds me of the Venetian painters - the colors are just right. You do wonders!
Nice painting. I appreciate realistic art. don't like abstract art.
Hyphen. I like how the green leave in the upper right seems to be an integral part of the blue background; As really painted on the blue wall. As a hyphen between fore plan and background. This suggests a subtle Russian Dolls effect: the leave of course belongs to its clementine,but also to the background: but how can it be otherwise? The painter had no other choice!!! The canvas being a flat surface of course,and especially as the leave has no evident projected shadow on the wall! It seems pasted(delicately)on the wall! All this pictorial magic trick contributes to add high coherence between foreground-background and subtle poetry to this exquisite painting. And this enables the main lemon to jump into our faces too,so breaking the confined flat "box" into which the still life,without saying anything,is living.
Your colors, the composition, the textures and shadows - a perfect painting!
Outstanding paintings. Love the colors!
I so enjoy your wonderful paintings...have saved literally hundreds of them....for inspiration. Long discussion about your commitment and expertise at our still life workshop with Katie Cundiff in Sarasota Florida... Thank you!!!!
Such a beautiful atmosphere!