daily painting titled Two roses on a gold rimmed saucer

Two roses on a gold rimmed saucer

18cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 1 December, 2014
Posted in Flower paintings


Done nicely, Julian. You still have a good juxtaposition of colors to bring out the complimentary colors.
Subtle and delicate beauty obtained with a knife is extraordinarily beautiful!
This is lovely. I use the palette knife primarily because it allows me to layer on thick paint...texture and light a winning combination.!
This one strikes a nerve, so simple and beautiful.
Just adore this one....I have been using a palette knife since going to Cape Cod School of Art to learn Impressionist style. It was so much faster and easier to use outdoors; just wipe and go to the next color!!! Also learned to use fewer colors and paint faster outdoors.
Love the high key paintings. Things were getting really dark.
Yes the simplicity and soft colours so pleasing! Beautiful. Tish.
Divine, Julian!
Hello Julian I love opening my computer in the morning to your one of your paintings. Thanks very much this is very lovely.
Dear Julian, as a work entirely done by palette knife, its very light and ethereal, yet satisfyingly rich. I particularly like the way the paint describes the scalloped edge of the plate and how the roses seem feather light and soft on the plate's hard surface. The painting seem to shimmer in a delicious cloud of rose and grey. Anna H.
Glorious in these dark winter days to see the light, bright paintings lately thank you
Love the knife work - have gone back to it noe for some time, to the point of adapting flexible putty knives to use as well after grinding sharp edges off.
Poor little roses... They have just died But before their souls go To heaven They radiate outward With all their strength One last time!
I like your poem, Alain. Those roses are still so beautiful and still a little plump. Julian, you have given them homage.
This light palette and light touch surprised and pleased me. It takes courage to make changes like that and this was lovely. Fantin-Latour would have applauded you. dk