daily painting titled A bowl of cherries

A bowl of cherries

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 19 June, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


The harmony of colors are wonderful! The composition reminds me of the famous still life of Caravaggio. And what about the metamorphosis of the couple of stems into hot-air balloons rising into the blue sky to reach the golden clouds!
Dear Julian, my favourite still life so far, if it is possible to pick one! (There was a lovely bowl of strawberries,in spring, hard to surpass)just looked at the image for a second, knew already then it had everything, the cherries, lovely and glossy,the stalks falling naturally hither and dither, the fabulous pottery bowl, so earthy, so rich, so painterly! The greyish blue so perfect with rich red of the cherries. I spent a good ten minutes just letting my brain bathe in the image.t Incredibly therapeutic! I have had my daily fix and will now,fortified by art, proceed to prepare dinner! You are a genius,Julian and thanks for sharing with us all. Anna.
A question - how on earth were you able to resist those cherries long enough to paint them? Another - how on earth were you able to make them seem so luscious I can almost taste them? Thank you! I am on my way to the grocers to find some for myself.
Oh YUM! In your cherries, abundance and beauty, I remember camping in the Dordogne. The farmer welcomed us as his first campers, with a whole branch of cherries bent under by a wonderful plethora of gorgeous fruits.
Your bowl of cherries made me gasp with delight at the first glimpse. Your darks are rich, varied and so beautifully deep. They are wonderful.
now that is just what we here in NY call real purty!! the wall, the rim of the bowl, les cerises! merveilleux!
This has a nice rustic feel to it. It's as if I can feel you painting this - swiftly, and just looking at the colors as you paint instead of the objects. Anyhow, you're getting it right, and it's a privilege to view your paintings on a daily basis.
What a beautiful sight to see tonight! I'm amazed everyday when I open my email. There is no way I can have a favorite painting. Each one has features different from the last. I must say your still life painting of cherries is a gem. I don't know how you do it but you give these cherries personalities. They remind me people in a crowd. Together grand and each single cherry also wonderful to enjoy. I could go for some cherry preserves about now. Thanks so much Julian.
You are right Geri, of course one cant really pick a favourite painting of all the hundreds that Julian has painted thus far. Let's just say that the still lives are my favourites, and I get easily overwhelmed! (But I have also been known to swoon over the landscapes). Anna.
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!And thank you each day for your gift of a painting
Hi Julian , it looks like you are rested and back to strength after your bout with the students , (lucky they were)because this is fabulous!!! Thank you Craig
Hi Julian This is a beautifully balanced composition; the gold of the dish with the touch of red on the bottom, the dark green streak that defines the upper edge of the bowl, the pale blue background with its touches of gold and pink provide a perfect background for the brilliant red of the cherries. Bravo.
When this popped up on the screen, I heard myself say "oh wow" out loud! This is gorgeous!! I love painting cherries myself, but mine are in a different category than yours for sure! lol! I love the deep rich burgundy red you use, and love the blue rim setting off the luscious bunch!! I am so jealous of your talent! Thanks once again. Elaine
Another beautiful execution Keep it up Stephen