daily painting titled Road with spring blossom

Road with spring blossom

20cm x 15cm (8"x6"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 11 April, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


so beautiful, julian, like a poem to Spring, and quite different from yr usual. of course I love them all. many thanks. gfs

In the Wonderland of Julian.
What a strange and fabulous dream...
A surreal world.
Twinkling "snowy" trees
Swooshing, crackling:
A final flourish
In broad daylight.
The wild grass like pelts, in which lighted some flowers of sun
Emerald grasses playing with the purple shadows
And this blue van goghian sky which made me to fly away...
By the way no, I was not sleeping...But, delightful feeling,I was really flying like an angel of light over this unreal dazzling country road!"


A beautiful bright spring palette, Bravo!

This is just so beautiful. I am a gardner, I can't tell you how I long for this time of year. As I write this my hands are sore from working with my climbing rose today. I wish I could walk under this alle of trees . I can smell their scent as a faint breeze ruffles thru.

What a breathtaking scene, Julian. Made me smile. The "heart" of the painting speaks volumes. Thanks!

Ah, spring time! Great job, Julian.

I feel like going and seeing what lies ahead of that bend of the road, great, Julian, my husband praises you, now i can see why....

very poetically and aptly described

Thank you.
Each day I realize Julian's paintings open my heart and my mind.
It is uncontrollable.


I can hear the bees buzzing

yo que estoy empezando el oto�o y disfrutando del mismo en un balneario uruguayo compenzo con esas flores y luces primaverales, como siempre un genio,algun dia te enviare mis pinturas para que me comentes tus impresiones

Hi Julian What a beautiful arc of flowers you have created via your brushstrokes and artfully deployed colours! The place seems more like a dream and recalls Shakepeare's play in which the characters frolic in the forest.The curving path invites you to see more beyond and makes you wonder what adventures, perhaps romantic, you might find there. Thanks for this delightful painting.

Estoy Que Yo serie Empezando El oto�o y Disfrutando Del mismo balneario uruguayo de la ONU compenzo SEE Con flores y luces en primaverales, Como Siempre genio de las Naciones Unidas, algun dia te enviare mis Pinturas PARA QUE me Corrientes Tus Impresiones


Good looking painting Julian, the trees here in Denver just popped their blossoms.
I am going to paint a few.
Agood way to celebrate sping.
Bob Ragland

Wow! A whole new palette!