daily painting titled Tomato and balsamic vinegar

Tomato and balsamic vinegar

14cm x 20cm, oil on panel (approx 6"x8") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 3 September, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Spent the last half hour just looking at this... it's so beautiful
Did I tell you tht I got Ruth's book and started it and finished it: I couldn't put it down or interrupt it for any other reading. Please tell her how much I likd it and thank her for writing it. Grateful, Fsnny
Maybe one day we can swop houses for a holiday, would you like to come to Australia? I'd love to go to France! Food for thought... Love the tomato seam. debra
The perfect combination.....and composition. Beautiful.
Hi Julian: I've done some of the heirloom tomatoes. Great shapes and lots of things going on. Like a Rubens figure painting. Your set-up is great!
I love imperfection in art; the tomato is perfect beside a glass jar that also seems imperfect. Thank you for this excellent painting.
I also like the ghostly figure on the right side of the jar hovering above the tomato.
It's enough to make a girl blush..
I want to eat that tomato with some mozzarela and drizzle it with that oil. NOW.
Ooops.......I meant drizzle it with oil and that balsamic... NOW. I'm hungry ;-)