daily painting titled Jonquils


13cm x 21cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 9 March, 2011
Posted in Flower paintings


this says Spring!! I love it.
A hot still life,which radiates through a surprising,even more for me,baffling texture!
Julian, how did you know Jonquils are my favorite! hehe Thanks Debrax
The petals on the closest, lowest jonquil are perfect with that shiny, delicate, translucent quality specific to jonquils and daffodils.
I was going to pay [friends] but the paypal page looked different [not isolated-before asking for password-it still had your information on it-havnt seen this before]. Can you tell me what you painted on top of this daffodil painting to show these texture lines please??
I love the spring (and other season) flowers in the understated lowly glass jars.
I love the mystery in this painting? Are you looking at it through a screen, or a fine transparent curtain? Or is this a reflection in a window? It does seem to be related to the previous jonquil painting that was on a windowsill. It too had four jonquils in a spice jar.
I love the softness in the way the violet grays envelop the flowers... - Your artwork is an amazing inspiration-thank you-
As I smelled my jonquils leaving the house today, heading for my library job on the Indian reservation, I just had a feeling you'd have another lovely painting of same. Thanks for coming through! Have to set up a paypal account to contribute -- you make every day a day in Provence. Thank you!