daily painting titled The cafe at les Baux

The cafe at les Baux

20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 5 April, 2022
Posted in Landscape paintings


You are very consistent at making the everyday, ordinary scenes look extraordinary without detail. The light on the walls is so nice. I hope to pay a visit to this cafe come July.

You are inspiring and I love to see your paintings. I look at the seeming ease you have with whatever you paint and the mastery with which you make the paint caress the canvas into a dream of colors and creamy,lush things. It feels as if you make these effortlessly and pleasantly. I remember a painting of whisky in a glass that you did. It looked so tempting, I went out and got some bourbon to put in a glass and look at it - then tasted it! Thank you so much. This is wonderful. If you ever come to Colorado USA you are welcome at our house! Rocky Mountains, Forest, Lakes and Meadows and in the spring, mountains of wildflowers.

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