daily painting titled Cabanon and Cypress Trees

Cabanon and Cypress Trees

17 x 12cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Wednesday 12 April, 2006
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So gorgeous. What time of day was this?

I don't know how today's postcard was purchased so quickly, as I was checking the site every other second and the postcard was NOT posted. This was the FIRST time I ever had a chance to purchased one --they are always gone by the time I see the site-- and I lost it. Very disappointing.

Congrats, Molly! I think this painting will be so much fun to stare into day after day.

Marianne, an email was sent out at 5 mins past seven to all the subscribers if you follow the link on the email it tells you publication time which today was 7.25 PM

Thank you, Mia! I love the blue and the steel of the mountains with that deep, rich green of the cypress. It made my day to get this.

Simply beautiful. Enjoy it, Molly McKinley in Seattle!!!

I love the landscapes and use them to check the Provence weather. I want a landscape beyond all reason and I've never gotten a chance to put in my credit card info.

absolutely stunning.

here's another thought - don't buy it if you 'don't like the image', let alone sell it on, and keep the beautiful democracy of the project in tact just like the artist is trying to do.

Oh, there is equity in this world, sometimes! A West Coast buyer got in there, at last. Congrats to Molly in Seattle. If this is your first Postcard you are in for a real treat when it arrives... ever so much more beautiful than on the website... Good for you! And it is a beauty!


I love this one- I wish I was there in the sunlight.
If it is possible to make a print of one of your landscapes I would appreciate it.

How does Julian have time to paint with reading comments from all these adoring fans ?(It must feel good!)
This one HAS to be a giclee print.....gorgeous- just like our past 2 weeks in Provence!

Does anyone have the link to the article that inspired all the nyc/east coast buyers? Or know which paper/mag it was run in? I have never seen it!

i think i found: yes?

Mia, it was mid morning 11am to midday and windy with mistral but I found a sheltered spot. j

That's so nice to know -- it has mysterious air, unlike the blazing sun and deep shadows of last Friday's landscape. It really is transporting to look at. Thanks!

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