daily painting titled Freesia


12cm x 16cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 13 November, 2007
Posted in Flower paintings


take a look at the work of mary delany, late 18th c, for a kindred soul. her work might delight you.
Oh yums... your flowers are quite simply stunning... love this one, but doubt if I can snap it up with what's in my wallet. Always am wishing for more like this. Hugs to you both, D
This painting is simply stunning! Thank you, Maestro!
Way cool painting. I have been doing a series of single flowers in small liquor bottles that I have collected. Your Freesia painting is a nice change of pace in my opinion. Check out my friend Scott Fraser. He's been painting very small works on copper,dazzeling work. I'll put some of my small work on my website in the near future. Art On! Julian.