daily painting titled The Road to Bedoin

The Road to Bedoin

27cm x 22cm, Oil on Linen

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Sunday 6 August, 2006
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as an early purchaser of your work, I would like to buy the above

I stayed in a villa overlooking this road to Bedoin about 18 mos. ago. I will be turning 60 in a few weeks and have been struggeling over what "special" thing to do or buy for myself for this "big" birthday. I have found it in this painting & hope you will honor me by allowing me to purchase this beautiful work. This will be the first of your pieces (while all beautiful) that has really struck my heart and that I have attempted to purchase.
Thank you for your consideration. Pat Bass, Annapolis, Maryland 21403 USA

I love the greens of the trees here. The word "verdant" doesn't come up much in conversation or writing for me, but it seems quite an apt single-word description for this scene. How lovely to look at, and how special that it is so moving to so many. I do wonder, Julian, what it must feel like to move the emotions of so many people by doing that which you love? Quite fantastic. Thank you for this painting.

It's beautiful....

Yes, your work embodies so much more than paint or talent. It raises up the heart of many.

Another amazing painting!

I know this road very well and this brings back memories.