daily painting titled Blue plums

Blue plums

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 30 August, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Simply beautiful well done Julian
So lovely, mysterious even.
I like the impression that you gave them a quick glance, so that they are moving towards the left, and your head is moving right.
The leaves seem to be like water coming over some rocks by the edge of a beach. A lovely painting.
A beautiful piece, Julian. Love the rich color!
what kind of board are you using? thanks
I love the movement--a gentle flow both in leaves and fruit. Beautiful Julian!!
You make me want to paint. Beautiful.
Why did you take if off?
Dear Julian, wonderful melting mix of plummy hues. Can't stop gazing at this little jewel! Is late summer still lingering in your garden of Eden? Anna.
Love, love, love the colors!!
like your gorgeous plums, my garden (in western Mass, USA) is falling to the ground--browned leaves, overblown blooms, others gone to seed, all winding down now, while it seems only a week ago we were exclaiming how perfect it was and summer was at its peak
Dear Julian, the blues-purples-mauves coming from the dark shadows indeed make this mysterious and mesmerizing.. Thank you for this beautiful gem..
Lovely and slightly mysterious Julian....I haven't had any pics. since this one, I hope all is well and it isn't trouble with my p.c. not receiving. Thank you
We look forward to seeing your next work, Julian.I hope all is well too.
Dear Julian, wasn't going to fuss but I also wonder if all is well, maybe you are all on a break before the next lot of courses. The inbox seems so grey without the postcards! Anna.