daily painting titled Ruth Reading

Ruth Reading

Oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 24 October, 2005
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Eh! Beautiful! And beautifully interpreted.
great study - full of painterly passion & understanding. no cool tones? IMO - prefer this to studies of fruit, eggs & veg. keep it up best of luck
Well we had a little color problem with the camera it is not as brown as this - the shirt is purple, and I will probably change the photo tomorrow when the sun comes up again! But no its mostly hot - it's my wife - and in an hour and a half one has to have a fairly limited palette. Where would life be without fruit and veg... or eggs.
Dear Julian, what a lovely thing to appear on my computer screen! Absolutely gorgeous - and I adore your fruit and veg, so yah boo and sucks to the above. X Mhairi
The contrast between this dramatic, serious portret you painted and your warm beautifull chosen colours. Very special.
I like your eggs, fruits and veggies, quite frankly, and I love this portait - no need for cool colors, she's a hot tamale.
whoops! Julian Didnt mean to come across as critical/negative. It's a great achievement that you're building here & BTW, it brings me pleasure to pop by & visit, so thanks. re-temperature : doesnt matter a dicky bird when you've painted such a fine & passionate portrait...and anyway, arent those hot browns pushing the whites into a cool mode anyway? best of painting happiness to you. adam
No offense taken Adam thanks for following and for your involvement - much appreciated.j