daily painting titled Poppies at les Couguieux

Poppies at les Couguieux

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 14 May, 2015
Posted in Landscape paintings


I've missed your landscapes. They are always a delight like this one. Thank you!
Lovely painting and even lovelier to see your work again. Much missed. Grace
Hi Julian , what a joy to see your name in my e-mail! The painting is beautiful. The delicate sky , all of the greens superb , and poppies just beautiful. Thanks Craig
There are cheers at our house for the return of red poppies. We have missed your work and what joy these bring.
I just adore the poppies at this time of year in "douce France"!!! Yours are so delicate, so winsome 'midst all the greens.... Beautiful! Where have you BEEN???
What a lovely painting. So glad you are posting your paintings again. They inspire me to paint! Keep it up and I will also!
Welcome back into our lives. I suppose classes kept you busy. The poppies are scrumptious and the country looks heavenly. They should put you on the area tourist board.
wonderful work !
So good to have you back Julian.....lovely painting, heart-lifting...Thank you
All the poppies seem to be in procession to celebrate the warm days that arrive...The tender green field in the middle seems to be wildly excited like an agitated tide. A wonderful symphony of mid tones in the service of the ebullient life which comes with the poppies heartily swimming through a vaporous field. And with spring, Julian is back: the Halcyon Days too.
The day after I got back from three weeks away in Corsica, your refreshingly lovely painting surfaced in my inbox - how did you manage that? Welcome back - it's too grey here in Ireland.
Welcome back Julian!
Wonderful!! Gives one longing and anticipation!!!
Welcome back, Julian... I have been wondering if the poppies were out yet in your corner of the world and almost checked back through the archive yesterday. And then today, this! Hurray!
Julian, VERY GOOD to receive your email once again with your beautiful work. Thanks for your generosity in sharing this.
I was looking forward to receiving your next post. I'm inspired. I can't wait to get outside and paint plein air. Thank you for being my continued source of inspiration. You are a treasured pearl.
I'm glad to see your work again, Julian - very nice piece.
Julian, It's been a long winter, Canadian style. Good to see you active once more and back in my in-box. Be well. Tony
Missed you a lot. Elinor
Dear Julian, just as I was beginning to doubt that there would ever be another P f P and even gave up checking for a while, here you are again! The poppies in the green field seem to be dancing, spinning, dizzy with the joys of spring!!Enjoy the workshops ahead! Anna
Wonderful painting and great to have you back!
So glad to see yr paintings again.....you were missed.
Dear Julian, A really lovely painting, we in New Zealand have been painting and Making red poppies in remembrance of all the soldiers who died in the First World War 100 hundred years ago. So your painting is special, thank you.