daily painting titled Chemin du matin

Chemin du matin

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 29 September, 2016
Posted in Landscape paintings


Dear Julian, I do not always respond, but believe me when I say that you bring a breath of heaven into my life with your daily paintings! I hope some day to become your pupil. As you know, our dear friend Sharon Johnson (who I bought one of your books for some years ago) is the one who introduced me and others from my office to your daily paintings. Thank you so much for what you give us! I love today's painting... the path, the morning road, made me think that we all have a way in life, and that Our Blessed Mother blesses us as we work through joys and sorrows... but always moving forward! With love and gratitude, your Lucia Colella-Yantosca
My favorite. Elinor
Lucia, I couldn't agree more. Julian, another fantastic painting. Your paintings truly are a breath of fresh air.
Love your work and..........this one s particularLY WONDERFUL! You have created a jewel! Phyllis Brodsky