daily painting titled Loaf


20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 23 September, 2023
Posted in Still life paintings


Wow, I would like a piece! Just beautiful!
I've always admired your depictions of bread. Sunsets, flowers, a pretty face...relatively easy. But bread! Bread that you want some olive oil the second you see it. So good. I'd buy it if...I had more bread. Gary
I love your paintings and have been watching them for last so many years. Please tell me only one thing: Louise finally got this delicious loaf to eat and quench his hunger after your painting was over ?
No he wanted brioche which is why I ended up in the other boulangerie but too late they had run out, had an early lunch instead (he's at that age where it's difficult to get him to eat anything that's not made of sugar)
Wow, I would like a piece! Just beautiful!

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