daily painting titled Track through rice paddies, Penestanan

Track through rice paddies, Penestanan

20cm x 16cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 16 January, 2011
Posted in Paintings of Bali


Yoga in Bali. Somehow lazing in a hammock seems more fitting. Your tropical greens are so interesting.
You are certainly a man of many parts. I know this region very well and you have certainly captured the essence of it. Now yoga ... a different story. I've reached 69 and so far have managed to avoid it!!
My goodness - this takes me back. I've walked through these paddy fields in Penastan. I've even walked them in the dark and very nearly fallen into them! Try walking along the edge of a paddy field after it's dark with a pencil torch! You are absolutely spot on with all the colours - the lush greens and the faded muted browns. You're really catching the shapes and the look of that part of Bali. Where are you staying? Both times I've been to Bali, I stayed at Ananda Cottages on the road going north from Ubud (on the left at the top of the hill as it starts to level out) See http://www.pastelsandpencils.com/bali.html for my sketches! You'd have loved the night market in Ubud when it was still around - sadly that went in the mid 90s.
Abundance of details(life)in the top left-hand quarter,with that red orange color which is shining behind the top of the trunk,like a sunny heart beating,wet space and quietness all around.Unwonted geometric composition and atmosphere,out of time and space.
Tropical colors are hard for me to work with. I always tend to flatten all the greens or make them too bright. Good job.
Your palm trees are fabulous; I find them a real chore to paint. Bet I'm older than you are and I refuse to give in to Yoga. It seems more pleasant to just walk further. Enjoy the warmth at Bali for all of us.
You never cease to amaze my eyes. You have captured more than what was there. I was there in 86, and again in 94. I hope it hasn't changed, and your painting feels as if it has remained the beautiful place I will always remember. Love receiving your work. LaWAnda
Well, Julian, if there is one thing I have learned both from you and in my class, it's this: the smallest stroke can convey what you want viewers to see. I still overwork and over think the details (such as the steps to the hut.) Enjoy your time in Bali, and keep up the yoga...if you rest, you rust!!! Catherine