daily painting titled Chauvet's Orchard, Spring

Chauvet's Orchard, Spring

16cm x 14cm (6¾"x6"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Tuesday 14 April, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


this just isn't fair--you are tantalizing us with a full-blown spring that does not seem like it will ever come to Boston. It would also help if you were a crappy painter but as usual, you have perfectly captured the interplay of light and landscape. Plus that big fluffy celestial blue pillow pushing down on the whole scene is spectular. Welcome back.

this is glorious julian!

eric, you should be a poet! i love the sky pillow! If its any consolation there is still a bit of snow on the top of the mountain. You can see a pic of it and the maestro on his daily plein eir rekkie over chez moi...all the best to you!

Wonderful - a veritable symphony to spring - can almost hear the bees buzzing & just beyond that corner are lttle lambs gambolling about !

Thanks Julian !

Wow, this really is lovely! I am jealous too, Spring seems to be crawling in, here in Southern Ontario.


“Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
Is trimmed with snow upon the bough
and goes about the woodland ride,
wearing white for Eastertide.”

AE Housman

(Thanks Sara)

Aaaaaah! Spring. Absolutely stunning.
best regards, Liz

Like a marvellous black bird
Spreading its majestic
White and lilac purple wings
This enchanting tree is "taking a walk"
Among the flowers' foam
In an adorable orchard.
Psychic phenomena...
Julian, my heart
Is blissfully

This is beautiful Julian, it is spring in Provence. They must smell wonderful.

What a splendid work with the loose brushwork and the bright spring light! Would that the weather here in the UK was the same but that's possibly why you live in Provence.

Tudieu! c'est superbe!!! ^^

tres boooooooooooooooooo encore mieux que en vrai