daily painting titled Chemin des Cheminades

Chemin des Cheminades

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 10 June, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


Colours, tones, shadows.. all beautiful...will look often and closely to learn.. Two prize-winners in two days
Julian I don`t have a website but really enjoy painting and sometimes sell them. You are an inspiration to me and I really love your painting style and obvious energy to complete a picture a day. Thanks for putting them online and hope that one day I will have enough pennies to visit you for a lesson. All the best to you Peter
So glad to see your work! So glad the storm is over! I can picture myself and family walking down that lane, shaded from the heat under those gentle trees. Summer breezes and all. Blessings always, C-Marie
Hi Julian , Your mastery of shadows is remarkable, like of everything else, indeed you produce great oils!
This one is especially beautiful. As a viewer, I want to stand on the verge at that curve in the road to see what lies in the valley beyond. As a painter, like Sylvia, I want to learn from this painting.
I have met a shadow On the "Chemin des Cheminades" The shadow said "Hooray" In silence By raising her two arms: Engaging nature enjoyed happy days.
Your small paintings are gorgeous spontaneousely rendering nature. Great art work,I guess painted from life.
Absolutely lovely! .... and as I said many times before in previous comments, you are a true master of shadows. This piece is so inviting; drawing us viewers under the trees' canopies away from the blazing sun. If only I could paint half as good! Thank you, Julian.
Another beauty!
Beautiful :)