daily painting titled Louis' rose

Louis' rose

16cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 6 April, 2016
Posted in Flower paintings


And how often does Louis' favorite color change? I well remember the orange phase with my boy, it was hard to find orange overalls back then.
How sweet! I love the painting, too!
Hi Julian I love it! Yellow roses were my fathers favourite! He has been gone almost 28 yrs. but I always think of him when I see yellow roses. Thanks Craig
Louis and I share a favorite color. I love your thick wonderful brushstrokes in this one.
Avery kind gesture and a beautiful painting. Thank you Julian
Just lovely, Julian! Interesting color choice of background, etc.
Do they also call that lagniappe in Provence?
Hi Julian and have loved many of your recent works including this one, and in this instance, for its beautiful white impasto which flows so nicely round this favored rose. And hope too my friend that all is well!
Love the rose, tho not my favorite color...but like the simplicity of it.
Superb !
Beautiful Julian!