daily painting titled Setting sun from the Grange neuve

Setting sun from the Grange neuve

18cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 4 November, 2022
Posted in Landscape paintings


Dear Julian, your painting is lovely. I imagine it is not easy to do much of anything with COVID. Prayers being sent your way! With much gratitude for your beautiful art works, Lucia Colella-Yantosca Watertown, MA
I’m so sorry for you. I’ve looked at your art for years and it’s given me a boost daily. Feel better, Julian.
love this little “remembered” painting. I hope you feel better, soon. I think of you and that lovely workshop fondly and often.
Very best wishes for little problem and swift recovery. It sure doesn't dim your paints.
Thanks always! Get well soon!
Julian So sorry to hear you have covid. I hope your symptoms remain mild and you are done with it quickly. Thank you for sharing your lovely images through these emails. Rosina
Julian, That’s a beautiful painting! I hope you feel better very soon. I enjoy seeing your paintings every day. Judy
A beautiful piece. Sorry that Covid managed to finally get you. Stay safe.
Get well soon Julian. Prayers and love. xxxxxxx
WOW! love the sky colors. Looks like Van Gogh technique. Sorry to hear you got covid. Wishing you a full recovery without complications.
Sorry to hear you are sick. Wishing for you a speedy recovery. Thank you for your beautiful painting, very much appreciated. Always look forward to seeing your work . Best , Rose Mary
Covid is working its way across the world. I’m sorry it caught up with you.. it certainly hasn’t dampened your ability to swirl paint BEAUTIFULLY on to canvas. This one is so strong and quite quite beautiful.
Bon rétablissement Julian! J'aime beaucoup la matière de cette œuvre! Amicalement, Virginie
So sorry about the covid (I've not yet, succumbed so pause for thought!) but delighted for you that your symptoms are slight. I love the impasto work, very inspiring.
I remember that view and those beautiful sunsets. Wish I were still there! I miss those beautiful views, your demos and those delicious meals. Get well soon. Deb
So nice to see a sunset sans blended paint.Wishing you a speedy recovery. I will always remember the enchanting evenings at the Grange Nueve.Bonne Sante!
Hope you're on the mend! Can't wait to see more work. I think about my week in Provence constantly. It was both magical and one of artistic joy! Get well! Best to Ruth and Louis.
love this little “remembered” painting. I hope you feel better, soon. I think of you and that lovely workshop fondly and often.
È bellissimo, ricorda proprio i tempi dell'autunno avanzato.

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