daily painting titled Two Tomatoes

Two Tomatoes

18cm x 13cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 14 July, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


It is most interesting that you should have gone from such a Light Filled painting on the 13th to a red, black, and dark one for le 14 juillet. Was this symbolism that I happened to have seen deliberate? I would think not, especially given that the falling of the Bastille is such a festive day now, and that it is celebrated, as it was today, with dancing and fireworks displays all over France. A few royalists, or so-called ones, are in mourning on this day. But I've never known you to paint with political implications, Dieu merci!
Julian, What a dark, rich, mysterious painting, after all the light filled landscapes. looks like it was fun to do, nice lost and found edges.
the tomatoes, called 'coeur de boeuf' come, alas, not quite from our own pots (we did have our own for lunch) but from the girl in the village. they were most excellent with a little garlic, oregano and basil and linguine about twenty minutes after julian finished the painting!
How delightful and refined the thin and light purple border is .
There is a certain romantasism that arises so nicely out of hearing that the 'coeur de boeuf' come from the girl in the French village. Beats blazes out of having an old, fat guy pluck smallish Early Girls, Better Boys, and Celebrites from anemic vines in the drought striken, burned out and smoky Central Valley of California!