daily painting titled Apples


13cm x 17cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 18 December, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Dear Julian,Cezanne would have been proud! Anna.
Last beams of the setting sun within the apple...Two bigger white hatchings looking like peaceful sailing vessels among the red reflections... This apple reminds me of a snow globe for the children and for the adults who have still a childlike heart. Louis, do you know what is a snow globe?
Yes Julian, I can see why these apples made you think of Courbet. Very few of the best fruits make the super markets. Yours have Character. Another excellent composition and painting.
They made me - after a startled instant - think of van Gogh. Stunning piece of work.
Your style changed a little in response to these apples. This shows how deeply sensitive you are as an artist. I love that green and red!
These apples have the strong sweet tart taste that you actually think of when the word apple is used. Terrific piece.
I love the red of the apple back left; it pulls out the red in the front apples in this vertical image that you employ less than the horizontal one. It fits perfectly here with what appears to be a hint of another (?) apple.
In fact, this "vertical image" seems to belong to a wider (virtual) painting in which we only see a detail. This is one of the modernities of Julian's work.
Sorry I haven't commented in a long while. The apples are stupendous and rich. I also loved loved the lemons from about three days ago. The fullness and depth you present in all your fruit and vegetable paintings is incomparable.