daily painting titled Track past the Demoiselles Coiffees

Track past the Demoiselles Coiffees

13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 27 June, 2014
Posted in Landscape paintings


Pretty green colours.

I was walking, light-hearted
Along a charming track
The meadows were tender
The grove of trees, jocose
The shadows on the path
Spread their wings, airily...
All of a sudden
In the middle of the field
A short troll, tearfully
behind the vermillion stakes
Wearing a foliage suit
Crossed the track
And disappeared among
The Demoiselles Coiffées!

Aaaahhhh! What a feeling you created in this one. Thank you so much! What a touch you have.

Hi Julian this is really beautiful , great colour and atmosphere. Alain thank you for your colourful commentary!Julian do you always use a toned ground , if so what colour and preparation do you use?
I am working on a piece right now I call Quiet Contemplation it is for considering the impact of cancer.
Thanks Craig

Alain I always appreciate your poetry and enthusiasm for Julian's work. Thought I'd let you know that today - love your passion! ?

Julián , enhorabuena por el arte que derrochas.Puedes decirme como te las arreglas para venderlo todo en tan escaso tiempo y a tan buen precio, mientras que hay otros pintores que también lo hacen muy bien y no se comen una rosca? Para mi es un misterio de lo mas misterioso. Un saludo, Manuel.