daily painting titled October roses

October roses

14cm x 18cm, oil on panel (approx 5"x7") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 19 October, 2011
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A masterpiece.
Just beautiful Julian...and so pleased you are back, really missed your daily painting...
Jillian..so beautiful...life springing forth from beauty...may that be for you as well...back to a beautiful life full of health, family, friends and the art of being an artist Blessings on you daily...carolan
This is absolutely magnificent! So glad you are well and painting again.
Wonderful painting. Happy to have you back in action.
Julian, the roses are exquisite. I am glad you are safely home. The little guy must have missed Dad. I missed your daily postings.
Again, absolutely beautiful rendering. So glad you're home . Stay healthy.
Wow, amazing. You certainly haven't slowed down, in spite of everything. Fantin-Latour has nothing on you!
Sensational painting! Very dramatic and mysterious.
The brushwork of a true master. You've captured the shadows wonderfully.
You've painted rose petals as soft as silk and whisper fragile. So happy you're back making paintings.
Beautiful. The light is exquisite, the colors of the roses so soft. Glad you're back and painting again.
So tenderly painted, just beautiful; I feel a bit tearful. It gives me such a lift to see your email in my Inbox waiting to be opened. I missed that very much. So glad you're safely back home with your family and friends and with us too.
Delighted to see you are back in form. Your fans did miss your daily beauties!
Wow! I don't know how you do it! Such a fantastic painting! You haven't missed a beat - a little masterpiece!
This is a very delicate painting that catches the fragility of the roses.
Sorry to learn you have been ill for such a long time. But, you are back making our morning email just a little more beautiful.
Thank goodness you are on the mend and back in the arms of your family!! We all rejoice with these new treasures you have posted. Just want you to know that here in my little corner of Cape Cod, I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. So very glad to see you're back.
From speechless to breathless - so beautiful.
Must have been some pent up creative juice inside. These last posts are vibrant and wonderful Welcome back...missed you
I love the way the three roses on the left, and the dark shapes around them lead you up and off to that shadowy rose and off to mysterious distance and then back to the gorgeous light rose!
I love the black background. It really makes the roses stand out. You do great work.
Lovely! So glad you are home and painting again. May this be your one and only hospital experience!!