daily painting titled Houses at Les Fougassets

Houses at Les Fougassets

14 x 16cm, oil on card -->

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 18 April, 2006
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Today in San Francisco where I have my office, the City has been awash in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the big earthquake here of 1906. From that spirit of life to the one shown in the hopefulness of this painting! What a lovely, striing image.

Okay, so I can't type. That last comment was, "What a lovely, stirring image." Mea culpa.

I like this painting particularly because of the way something dark and ominous feeling in the tree shapes are in the front, visible, and then there is light and geometry, something sensible, forthright in form right behind them. There's a good relation of opposites here, and that always pleases me.As I once wrote you, it always is a large pleasure to see how the Aesthetic Realism description of beauty as a oneness of opposites is true about a painting.

This, is the one I would buy if I had the money......

this is the one i tried to buy, but apparently i cannot type fast enough?? on the odd occasion that i am online when a painting is posted, i get right on, but have not been lucky yet. i keep falling in love with these amazing scenes, imagine myself strolling down this path, in this "lovely, stirring image." ah, well.

I have just started painting in plein air after concentrating on still life and portrait. your work inspires me.

Congratulations, Gary-
I thought it was a striing image, too. And, Pam, I sympathize with you, even though I was a potential competitor for this one.
I think that the only way be sure to get one of Julian's cards is to fly to France, go to his house and snatch it up as it's drying on the easel.

I'm thrilled to be able to give this painting a fine home. I very much enjoy Julian's work and yes, I've been trying for a couple of months to purchase a painting. Don't give up!