daily painting titled Chemin dans les Baronies

Chemin dans les Baronies

17cm x 12cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 23 July, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


Julian...you can REALLY paint anything and make me REALLY want the painting and REALLY want to go there as well.....how do you do that?? I am now addicted to getting your daily postcard!!! Thank you!

simply beautiful...i've learned so much looking at your work on a daily basis...oh, i sent you an e-mail...hope you opened it...asking about workshops?

No problem - If Julian agrees to doing workshops- I can arrange them very well!

Workshops!...dont do it, I think you need to be kept in splendid isolation, these little paintings are so solid and sort of thrilling. I would be interested to see larger work too, do you do any at the moment...I shall look at your web site now to find out. Anyway "cracking painting"

OK...I am back...they are STUNNING, I clicked on them and they went big and...wow, they must look fantastic in the flesh, landscape in blue and gold, well all of them, do you ever get the chance to show them in groups or do they fly off the easel like the little ones. They are really lovely and you should feel very proud.

There is a great feeling of quiet in this painting. More than usual. Or is it just me? Wonderfully desolate. Awesome stuff.

au contraire...a workshop would be heavenly...albeit small and special...sign me up!!

I love your work and hope to own a piece someday soon. Please add me to your daily blog.