daily painting titled Clouds (a change in the weather)

Clouds (a change in the weather)

19cm x 14cm (7"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 26 May, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


Somehow nice to see this changeable weather from your sun kissed neck of the woods ! Lovely sky.
A most energetic and beautiful sky, Julian!
Oh to be a cloud, a-floating in the blue..
It is very peculiar, Julian, but this "skyscape" reminds me of..."Le bal du Moulin de la Galette" of Renoir! When you look at the ground beneath the couples of dancers, there is the same vaporous treatment of the colours as in yours:blue shadows pink lights of Renoir are amount to your blue sky and pink clouds. And your clouds are dancing too! Look at the painting http://www.histoire-image.org/site/oeuvre/zoom.php?oeuvre_id=596
I think of Constable's sky studies. Wonderful.
I just returned from Rome where the clouds were like those in some of the Renaissance paintings. I should have phtographed them but forgot. Therein lies the advantage of painting as you might be able to do one from memory. Yours is lovely.