daily painting titled Still life with whisky and clementine

Still life with whisky and clementine

12.5cm x 18cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 4 December, 2013
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Gorgeous painting Julian!
This is breath taking.
I am neither a whiskey drinker nor a Whiskey Painter, but this may be my favorite painter of the year!
I'm not often moved to commenting on blogs...this one moved me. Great job, Julian!
OK...now the Irish Whiskey can come out! Wonderful! Leon
Great..........basically, neutral tones, painting! There is something inviting about this piece.
Very very nice!
Love it! Hope you enjoyed the whisky when you finished! Sister Ellen
Wonderful. Just don't clean your brushes in it and then drink it!
Tee hee!!! Whiskey somehow makes a more inviting painting than just an empty glass, tho yr paintings of glass are miracles also. Thanks, Julian.
Well I am a whiskey drinker,a neat wee dram now and then and I am a painter too. This painting awakens desire in me.Come on dogs,it's cold outside lets throw and log on the fire in the studio.The palette is calling for amber delights.
Yes Julian, A painting to be remembered. You have captured in a simple composition the mood of the festive season of Christmas by a log fire (leaving the log fire to the imagination) Brilliantly executed, well done Sir. A very Merry Christmas to Yourself and Family.
Such sparkle. Lovely Fond of hot chocolate with touch of whiskey on cold, wintry nights.
This is a really nice painting. It is so crisp it sparkles. Very tactile and immediate. Nice job.
Never have I seen a better painting of a glass of Wiskey. It's not at all surprising that the auction is in "High Gear" Best to you John
Never have I seen a better painting of a glass of whiskey. It's not surprising to see the auction in "High Gear" Best to you John
Fantastic !
From Forcalquier, and in French : somptueux !!
Wow Julian, you make the paint work, bring out the nature of its luscious and rich nature. You inspire me.
Really beautiful Julian. I like the composition, the vibrancy of the colors and the richness of the glass. Kudos for making the time after a day of activities.
This is just sublime!! You have to be the "master painter" of glass, Julian (as well as many other subjects). :) Your afternoon sounded lovely and what a perfect way to finish the day! ..... successfully capturing a subject such as this. I hope you enjoyed the contents later that evening. Elaine
This is beautiful! And a day in Avignon! Wonderful. I hope to paint like this some day ......and make another trip to France and Avignon. Best Regards Cheryl
Breathtakingly lovely.
This may be one of your BEST ever. I am a scotch drinker. Do you think if I drink enough I may be able to be a better painter? Just a joke!!! You are the BEST! Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season. Best to you and your family. Joan
This painting is fabulous! Julian ~ When I was in Avignon during the 80's, I ate the most wonderful salad served in a bowl that was made with rice, olives, tomatoes, chicken, etc.. and I'd love the name of it if you happen to know of it. Delicious!
I am not often moved to comment on blogs either, but this one got me! Such a rich, lively painting. A still life full of life!
Wonderful ! Julian. Marvellous. What a transparency ... and what a glass .... - Mahendra
Did you celebrate later? The colors are luscious. Perfection!
What more is to be said?! Julian you are a true master and an inspiration to many! I bet you didn't feel like taking yourself off to the studio late after a wonderful family day out....ironically it's usually at those times that masterpieces are created! Fabulous piece... Priveledged is the person who will win this bid.... SO wish it was me! Bravo Julian....
Dear Julian, a tour de force, Meister painter of glass! A quantity of zinc (the oysters) and a happy day out might have added a special sparkle too. Anna.
BRAVO! At last, a below eye-level still life - and how good it is. So many of your still lifes are right at eye-level and, as good as they are, that format has become almost a mannerism. You really can paint great ellipses, do it more often! Your new easel must have a crank-handle so keep using it!!
The light and placement of objects in the frame delights the eye. Bravo Julian
Dans la vie " il vaut mieux voir le verre à moitié plein que le verre à moitié vide". En voici un parfait exemple, Julian ! aussi, je sens d'ici le parfum de ce whisky mélangé à celui de la clémentine. Vraiment belle petite peinture !
Love the sunlight on the mandarin and the clear crisp sparkling mood. Such vibrancy & yet almost all the upper half is dark shadows. This may well be your painting of the year for me & I am extremely jealous that others have recognized its quality and I can no longer afford to bid on it. BRAVO Julian
Well, Julian, I've been watching the auctions closely and waiting until you offered another painting with a whiskey glass as the subject. As a surprise, when Elizabeth returned from the September workshop, she brought along a print of an earlier whiskey glass painting. Now, the print hangs in the living room near the table with decanters of bourbon, Irish and scotch, and the painting will join the others we have in the kitchen. It's a lovely piece of art. Nice work. Jeff Dwyer
Makes me want to have a sip. How do you do glass the way you do. Brilliant work. LaWanda
What has fascinated me is how different this painting looks on my IPad when I enlarge it so there is no white frame but only the dark color of the background. Hmmm?