daily painting titled The Ochre Quarry

The Ochre Quarry

19cm x 11cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 17 February, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


I love the light blue window shutters in the previous painting. They say "Provence" to me. They remind me a bit of Greece, but there the houses are mostly white. In Provence they are mostly ochre. Do the blues become different depending on their background? In this gorgeous painting I see the rust from Roussillon. Thank you for such memories and for such a glorious sight.
hi julian fab painting - as per normal, it's amazing the consistancy that you achieve. did someone say it was your blog birthday recently? well, happy birthday then! it's a great achievement. all your consistant hard work plus all that inspiration = many fine paintings. wishing many more happy painting sessions to come
Another fine painting Julian. This time it's that bright earthy ochre that warms the scene. So very Provence.
Hi, Julian- Is this near Roussillon? I have many good memories of the place. Bartow