daily painting titled Wheatfield and Vines

Wheatfield and Vines

16cm x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Wednesday 19 July, 2006
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Absolutely georgeous!

We all want to come back again! I am working on bringing a new group tour and these postcards from Provence are my sales "tools"! Thanks Julian- this is marvelous..
Ann L.

ann,I would like to hear more about your tour.

This is my favorite landscape of yours so far! The color notes in the foreground field are just wondeful particularly in the shadow area, and I like the structure the rows in the distance give the piece. Bravo!!

Jan Blencowe

Julian, I'm a new subscriber, also an artist. I'm absolutely floored by your work. Is there a particular old master or contemporary artist's work that you emulated when you first began painting?

To all Julian's fans:
I have put a link to Julian's site on my site.