daily painting titled Onion, garlic and confit pot

Onion, garlic and confit pot

20cm x 12cm (approx 8"x4½"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 5 August, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Such wonderful rich color in your onion. Your beautiful neutrals really set it off.
Hi Julian: Once again a beautiful still-life. The colors, textures and arrangement are great. I would love to see more of that confit pot. I know that the onion and garlic are the stars of this set-up but wouldn't a vertical format showing more or all of the confit pot work out as well? I love doing still-life with fruits or veggies. Yours are truly inspiring and I look forward to every postcard painting, especially the still-life pieces. Thankyou!
love the qualities of all three subjects... especially the polish on the onion.
dear Julian, your emails/paintings make me happy. i purchased the new book from amazon and enjoyed reading some pages before ordering it. your paintings are so fine. nancy southard
Love your work - thanks so much for sharing!
I love this one!
I like in this one how Julian you lead us all over and through the surface:first of all,these humorous "rabbit ears" of the garlic,in awakening,which are running in parallel to the pot towards the top and even, out of the painting;then,the curved stem of the onion,leading us towards the right side and into the deep background(the surface now is suddenly broken),so mysterious...And on the top of it, the curly and wriggly roots(nearly nervous) of the onion,like some locusts or stick insects,which desperately seem to try to walk-around.For me,this still life is a "still alive" painting.
Julian, I love that you have captured each surface to perfection!!
Yes Julian, i do love this one very much also,,,,,,,it is outstanding in color and composition,,,,,,,, you are inspiriing me to paint