daily painting titled Lemon, Bottle and Teapot

Lemon, Bottle and Teapot

17cm x 12cm (8¼"x4¼"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 16 October, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


what will it be?...landscape, portrait, stilllife, landscape, portrait, still life? ...landscape...sounds like the prune stone song...good luck and BRAVO!
Julian, this is just beautiful, you've brought so much joy into my life with your work, every morning I start the day with the latest gem from Provence. Congratulations on the 'big one' tomorrow and here's to the next thousand! From one of your fans from 'down under'
i feel like a kid on christmas morning...what's in the package under the tree?! in the meantime, i am enjoying that amazing teapot with all those cool ceramic-y nuances. out of curiosity, do you exchange works of art with david garland?
Julian, Beautiful rich painting. Can't wait to see tomorrow's painting. Bravo and looking forward to the next 1,000.
Julian, another beauty! And of course we all will be popping collective champagne tom'w for your 1000th. You should be very very proud. Your work has come along tremendously in the last 3 years. And not only do you make beautiful images and give us each an armchair view of heaven, you make us happy. This may be more wonderful than your talent. So congratulations!!
Good luck for The Big One - I have been counting down each day in Spirit with you ... I too, am one of your Down Under fans - thank you for making each day special - your botanical/still-lifes are my favourite and today's painting is a delight
Oh Boy! I am in awe... 999 paintings, what an achievement. Good luck with the 1000th Julian Great Work indeed. best wishes, Jilly in france (south and left a bit!)
Julian and Ruth, Congratulations on painting 1000!!!!!!!! It's quite a landmark for you both. Cindy
WOW! I just came across your story on an interesting art blog.I clicked on to check it out and was captivated by the lifestyle and the idea.I love your work and am inspired to say the least. Looking forward to seeing the continued work.I'm a beginner at my artwork and can definitely see the advantage of the daily work ethic. Are you loving small town life in Provence?