daily painting titled Maine coast

Maine coast

20cm x 14cm, oil onboard Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 30 September, 2016
Posted in Marine paintings


Brings back so many memories of living near the ocean.....and hope you have good memories of Maine....
The painting of the Maine USA is beautiful
Another masterpiece Julian! The texture and lighter coloured marks in the forground on the rock surface really helps to lead the viewers eye into the middle/backround of your beautiful scene... Thx for sharing, Deb
I have never been to Maine but your painting seems to be totally at one with what I had imagined: damp,misty and somehow 'right'. One of these days I just have to get onto one of your workshops. Best wishes - Bill
Oh yes ! Absolutely beautiful and the mood and mystery is glorious Thank you
Absolutely perfect! thank you
Love the foggy feel of this - so like Maine on an overcast day. I trust you liked Maine as much as I do. I hope to return some day. It is SO picturesque!
so good to see the real Maine coast, i have live my whole life on Matinicus Island, an Penobscot Bay. I too struggle in my studio. keep on keeping on
Thank you for sharing when you struggle Makes it real!