daily painting titled Fishing boats, Essaouira

Fishing boats, Essaouira

18cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 5 March, 2015
Posted in Marine paintings


The stern of the boat shows us, like a mirror, a sloping dark-blue ocean under a stormy sky: a second painting in the painting! The shadows which violently cut out the lights on the sand add something brooding to the drama. Potent painting.
Wow that blue! And the light. Fantastic. Full of energy.
What a wonderful painting! There is such energy in the color and brushstrokes!
What a beautiful painting.
I love the strong and rich colors in this painting.
Dear Julian, the fishing boats, like a pair of Turkish slippers, are a wonderful blue that lifts the spirit on a chilly, grey morning. Anna.
This painting is both abstract and concrete. I too love the blue, especially on the left side of the painting. Bravo Julian.