daily painting titled Lady banks' roses

Lady banks' roses

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 3 April, 2020
Posted in Flower paintings


Dear Julian,

now more than ever it is so important to have art in our lives.
I am so grateful to you for the pristine beauty you bring to my day, each and every day.
I am also so grateful to Sharon Johnson, my lovely co-worker, who introduced me to your paintings many years ago. Your yellow roses light up my day!

With gratitude,

Lucia Colella-Yantosca, M.F.A.
Graphic Designer MassHealth Publications
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Lady Bank's Roses, just beautiful


These are beautiful -- just what we needed here on Cape Cod where it's cold, rainy and windy right now. With every painting you send, I'm eager to get back in my studio now that I'm home for a while.

Sorry to hear about the ping pong ball.

Take care.


The size and power of this painting are immense.
Be well Julian.

You are really an integral part of my days. This is a truly A fine and delightful painting. Best to you and the family in this mess.

The roses - just what we need in these troubling times, some bright colour and an inspirational painting. The ping-pong ball disaster - Oh dear!- commiserations Thank-you for your wonderful paintings

Thanks so much for adding me to your mailing list. We are going through the same difficult times here, due to the corona virus. shopping is risky, friends must keep apart, and most things are closed.

Thus, your lovely paintings are even more appreciated for the beauty they bring us in such sad times.

Hoping you stay well,