daily painting titled Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom

17cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 23 April, 2013
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It moves me very much to see those vigorously painted cherry blossoms in Provence and they are just like the trees and blossoms blooming here in New York City nearthe Terrain Gallery where I work. i learned from Aesthetic Realism tht cherry blossoms and horrors like Boston are in the same world, and it is good to see them that way.
Exquisite! You captured both the joy and the ephemeral qualities of spring.
Fabulous, I love the strong shape of the tree branches. And the cloud of blossom. Looking forward to all the flora in 4 weeks when our class is in session.
Beautiful! Reminds me of how when we'd go to France to visit my grandparents in Robion, my grandfather would leave the cherries on his trees as long as possible so we could pick them when we got there!
Julian, Please save some of those beautiful days for May!!! Beautiful, beautiful painting! I can't wait to join the group in May!
How lovely! When I first looked at the beautiful tree I thought of a "happy paintbrush" or knife. I love your brush strokes no matter what you are painting. You have a great touch. Thanks for sharing your art. Happy Spring!
Wow - this is very different!! I wasn't quite sure when I first looked at this, but I really like it. It looks as if it was totally fun to do - such bold brushstrokes!! (Or is it knifed?) Terrific. I would love to be as courageous as this. Good job!! Thank you for sharing it with us. Elaine
Hi Julian , beautiful painting , I.m jealous , we are experiencing flooding in Bancroft!!
So Beautiful , I can almost smell the blossoms and would like to sit under the tree... Tish.
This is exactly how I want to be able to paint!
Love it...ours are just coming out slowly in Hertfordshire...frost still lingering despite few warm sunny days.. Should like to know please, did you use brush or knife for blossoms, also a drying medium for thick paint? Regards...