daily painting titled Rough Sea, Andalucia (Spain)

Rough Sea, Andalucia (Spain)

21cm x 11cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 20 May, 2008
Posted in Marine paintings


Good to hear you enjoyed your leave, Julian. Love the painting. That dark blue sky at the horizon looks rather foreboding...maybe a storm on the way.
We sit on the western coast of the Atlantic in New England. The waves are just as impressive, but the sea is a whole different colour. You have captured the power and beauty of Nature.
Wow, this is gorgeous. Hopefully more to show us from this trip?
I've been to Vejer - painting! Which means I know which bit of beach this is too. Great waves - I liked the coast there - very fresh and not too touristy. I wonder if the north african inspired 'tent bar' on the beach is still there? I did a pastel of it once but I don't think it's on my website.
I too have been to Vejer. I love the area: the beach, the cork trees and the storks. Wonderful painting!
You and Whistler Eh? I have a book of Whistler small seascapes. He had a painting kit that would fit in his overcoat pocket. ARTON! Julian!!!!