daily painting titled Brittany coast

Brittany coast

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 2 March, 2020
Posted in Marine paintings


Beautiful! Wish I could be there! I can hear the waves and the wind and the gulls.
Beautifully captured large scale in a small space achieved by using horizontal strokes in the water and vertical on the rocks.
Julian, you make painting look so easy with your lifetime of art knowledge and skill! I so look forward to your emails, as the image of your latest painting injects me with life and energy. “Brittany coast” is delightful! The color, the composition, the movement of the waves. I am not yet brave enough to upload my oil, acrylic, and water colour paintings to my website. I must decide to seize the day. Cheers! Catherine
Hi Julian... That seascape could be off the coast of central California ... my scenery. Nicely done, (as usual).