daily painting titled Roses and goblet

Roses and goblet

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 26 March, 2020
Posted in Flower paintings


Just wonderful, Julian! Many thanks for all the works you share.


Beautiful. Rich. Luxe.
Hope you are all healthy.
All good here in Va.

What an awesome painting - such beautiful work ❤️

Why a delight. What a treat. Such mastery of form and color and shading. Bravo!

Thank you for the beautiful paintings that you share. I look forward to them even more during this time of isolation.

Today's painting, Roses and Goblet, is especially rich. Love your thick paint.

Stay well,

I enjoy your painting.
Why are you not painting subjects more relevant to current circumstances.
Such a good painter should not remain irrelevant

Your painting is beautiful but irrelevant to our time

Julian's daily paintings give me moments of unalloyed pleasure while I endure a restricted environment - as I imagine they do for many others. Long may he keep on painting!

I absolutely love your work today. Lifted my spirits, I can almost smell the flowers. We’re in lock down in New Zealand like so many people the world over. Thank you for your inspiration and may you and your family keep well 💐

These beautiful paintings lift my spirits and inspire me to do more painting myself.

Thank you for letting us know how you are coping with these times we are in and for sharing your suggestions as to how to make the best of them. Walking, baking, engaging in creative pursuits and being in touch with others as best we can. All good.


This is so gorgeous! Could be my favourite so far!!! Glad y’all are well!!

And here in Oklahoma too, Penny. I had to comment on your comment, we share a surname. Beauty to all, thank you Julian for this sensual work.

A beautifully sumptuous painting--like an Old Dutch Master. It's one I could gaze at for years.

Lovely; really lovely.
In times of devastation, such as these, Beauty and Truth are amongst the very first things to disappear from consciousness and view.
Indeed, during this terrible period of forced confinement, filled with unending bad news that we can't escape, Julian's site offers a reliable place to find such treasures daily; even, having done so, to be able to seek them out further.
I'd suggest, gently, to Alan, that such vision - plus Julian's strong will and intention to share such precious moments so widely is about as relevant as anyone can get to the current, worldwide, situation.
Thank you Julian.

I love your paintings...you are an inspiration for me to get going and paint! Thank you.

La beauté n'est jamais irrelevant.... c'est un miracle la beauté.

'Current Events' are hideous. Your work is beauty, solace and inspiring to many. Thank you for posting.

Julian, I think someone has set a light to your artistic spirit. You are on fire!!!
Kind regards, Graham Lomas

Just exquisite Julian...I love many of your paintings and this is a moment to say thank you. For it is a joy everyday to see a new painting, everything in them is so alive. This one just made me think to write and say thank you. Love Jane x