daily painting titled Strawberries in a faisselle pot

Strawberries in a faisselle pot

15cm x 17cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 14 May, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


A wonderful ballet of half-tones in which some white highlights still sparkle...before lights out.
Hi Julian, I will be in your neighborhood very beginning of June. Are you open to people stopping by to meet you and see the painting process? I will be enroute to Paris from Tuscany. Regards, Sydney Bachman
I love the dark warmth and the lost and found edges in this painting, Julian. Many of your paintings give me a calm comfort when looking at them. I absolutely love looking at your work. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Beautiful painting with an eye roving composition. Evelyn's comment about the lost and found edges caused me to take a fourth and fifth look. They are so successful in unifying the piece and emphasizing the volumes; making a wonderful mysterious mood painting. I take real pleasure in seeing your evocative explorations of day to day articles. Thanks for sharing.
What is a Faiselle pot please? A touch of sun somewhere in the foreground? Beautiful painting
Dear Julian, you must be busy preparing for the first workshop of the year. Now when you are both very "au fait" with it all, it should be a lot of fun! That cheese making pot, filled with glinting strawberries is right out of a dark old kitchen of a petite maison a la campagne. Beautiful! Anna.
mystery, scrumptious.
What a great ceramic - it looks as though its literally dripping with glaze - I wonder Julian, as you paint a lot of ceramic items, have you ever tried mastering pottery ?