daily painting titled Head of garlic

Head of garlic

14cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 14 December, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


I won't forget this garlic. It's majestic!
Your work is exquisite.
I would know that garlic anywhere! It sounds like Louis' needs are making adjustments in your diet (in a good way)! Thanks for the beautiful paintings, Julian.
What a wonderfully rugged garlic head!! I'll bet it would odiferize (word?) a batch of chili magnificently! I love the way you put it down!! Cl-Marie
So perfect - 'nuf said.
Juicy brushwork, Julian! Love it.
But was the Daube good too?!
I am new to your wonderful and awsome daily paintings (my daughter, Micaela Sullivan-Fowler introduced me to it). Who is Louis?
The light is awsome...Jumps off the page...Thankyou
Not one of my best but hey, cheap cuts of beef cooked in red wine for six hours, what's not to like?
Louis is our precocious 14 months old son. He is the result of a long gestation period of about six years, we adopted him from Mali in west africa in April
Julian: This is what I'm talking about!! The energy in this painting is awesome. Did Louis have anything to do with it? Marche on mes ami, marche on!
I love this one...the lighting,the brush strokes,hues. Gorgeous!
Cette fière tête d'ail l'a échappé belle, pour notre plus grand plaisir! Superbe ! Louis doit-il manger sans sel ?
Sans sel adjouté (comme tous les enfants de son age, d'ailleurs!) without added salt (like all children his age)
When miraculous brushstrokes turn into real scale leaves.When fiction is stranger than fact...Stunning!