daily painting titled Buttercups


14cm x 16cm, oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 14 April, 2008
Posted in Flower paintings


julian...you're back!!! this is exquisite. i do hope you are feeling well and that your trip to mali was a fabulous voyage.
Great to see your back painting. We really missed your posts. Beautiful and appropriate painting. Hope all is well and you had a great trip. Did you miss the daily painting?
I'm so glad you're back! Winter has been relentless in the northern US and the last couple weeks have been particularly brutal without a daily infusion of beauty from your postcards. I've also realized just how addicted I am to watching your auctions. I have a renewed appreciation for your eye, your talent, and your innovative and smooth running website. You create joy as well as beauty.
Welcome back Julian! Beautiful painting. We are still in the grips of winter here, so this little bit of spring color is so very welcome, thanks for sharing this warm fresh painting with us! ----C.
Great to see you back, Julian. This is a very sweet painting.
Another fan thrilled to have you back! I agree, it's a very sweet painting.
Another fan thrilled to have you back! I agree, it's a very sweet painting.
Beautiful buttercups, my favourite! Welcome back, hope you are feeling much better. Well we are coming into Autumn here so all the colours are beautiful. Hang in there guys Spring is on its way.
Bienvenus, tous les deux!!!! I hope all went well in Mali, and that you found what you were hoping for (to end a sentence with a preposition). Glad you're back, and all of your admirers are also glad. There was a literal hole in my email checking all the time you were away. The buttercups are so refreshing! A close friend (now demised) who could never remember the name of ANY flower, called them ALL buttercups. So this painting is particularly endearing to me. But I also fall in love with your vases. How do you do it? Merci, tout de meme!
Welcome back! Love this one - it's like a gust of warm spring air.
I seem to be repeating everyone's elses comments, but I hope you are rested and refreshed by your time away. This painting is so cheery and fresh and new truly the essence of spring. So glad your back!