daily painting titled Lavender fields, Sault

Lavender fields, Sault

20cm x 12cm (approx. 8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 9 July, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Your beautiful paintings have made me anticipate the seasons of Provence, cherries, lavender... can the poppies be far behind?
Again, such beautiful lavender colors!
I really love this one! It is lovely! It is interesting and it speaks to me. Thank you for sharing. Deann
Thanks for sharing the beautiful lavender field. It takes me back to the lovely time I had in Provence. Marian
Nice !
Great compositin and perspective and I can smell the lavender from here. Yum!
It would have been so tempting to over do the intensity of the lavender. Really nice.
I look forward to this time every year knowing you will paint lavender fields. I am in awe of your gift. Thank you for bring such beauty to our eyes. Sister Ellen
The colour flows so beautifully in this painting.
Hi, I was lead to your site through Damarilis a friend of Ruths. I love your work and the concept of being a daily painter. It is so lovely to see your work move through transitions since the beginning of your blog, your different reactions to your surroundings, your being there. Thank you. Alice Sheppard Fidler.
When you in Banbury next? We should go paint some landscapes in the countryside followed by some lovely hooky beer!