daily painting titled Still life with cup, apple and horse chestnuts

Still life with cup, apple and horse chestnuts

19cm x 12cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 29 September, 2014
Posted in Still life paintings


A delightful composition. Really love the colours.

I love the cup and chestnuts; however, you've done much better apples.

What can I say but I think this is stunning, Julian. I love it!

I love that apple!

Nice, rich colors all around.

Dear Julian, not only are you a meister painter, creating this lovely, warming little autumn piece, you are also a dauntless Dad, knocking chestnuts out of a tree with a chair while visiting a restaurant! Children keeps us young!

The horse chestnut with the triangular blue design above is like a gift-wrapped parcel... a "marron glacé" in it?

Well, I hope you found a couple of champion conkers, soaked them in vinegar, put them on a length of string and together played the age old game of conker fighting:) Another lovely still-life!