daily painting titled Track with almond blossom

Track with almond blossom

14cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 2 March, 2022
Posted in Landscape paintings


Another delightful painting! You bring such pleasure to us each evening, as your email drops into my box. And you give us a running, and visual commentary about your corner of the Vaucluse, which we appreciate hugely -almost as good as being able to spend time in our little house in Vaison. Thank you.

THAT is sooo beautiful! It seems alive!

Absolutely beautiful. Brilliant painting. Thank you so much for this taste of spring.

You surely picked a gorgeous spot to live, and you do it proud with your work.

Thank you for your beautiful paintings. My father, who passed away recently, was from Provence. Your paintings inspired him. Most of his life he painted the figure, but after his heart attack in 2008 (I think that is when he discovered you) he started painting still life. My mother and I gaze at his wall of paintings he called his “post-heart attack wall” and the work comforts us. Your work inspired him so much. Thank you. Now when I look at your paintings they bring an even deeper pleasure and connection. I repost your work on my LinkedIn page. Thank you Julian. My gratitude is deeper than words can tell.

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